Request video appraisal

Is an appraisal of your (future) home planned soon? Or did you plan to apply for one soon? Then you can contact Joh. van Buuren and Son. Relocations can also be carried out remotely through video appraisal. Ideal for when you cannot receive people at home due to current circumstances.


How can I request an appointment for a video appraisal?

You can easily schedule an appointment for a valuation by requesting a quote and / or contacting us. We will then contact you to jointly determine whether the appraisal takes place through a home visit, or whether it is necessary to schedule an appointment for a video appraisal.

How does a video appraisal at Joh. van Buuren and Son. Removals work?

When it has been decided to have a video appraisal carried out, we plan a date and time at which it will take place. Our appraiser will contact you at that time via Whatsapp or Facetime. This appointment starts with an explanation in which instructions are given on how best to film the inventory. We will then prepare an offer for you.

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