Moving back to the Netherlands

Do you want to move back to the Netherlands from abroad? Maybe you have been offered a job here, or you just miss the Dutch way of living. Then you probably already have enough things on your mind that you need to arrange. Therefore, leave the moving to professionals who have experience and know what they are doing. John van Buuren en Zn. Verhuizingen has been providing international removals for years. We take over the burden and stress of moving to the Netherlands, so that you only have to do the necessary things yourself. Choose a carefree move back to the Netherlands with our certified movers.

Good preparation is half the job

Have you lived outside the Netherlands for less than a year? Then there is a simple return scheme. Find out via the government what is required to return for the return scheme. In all other cases it is important to check whether you have all the necessary documents with you and whether they are still valid. Read the step-by-step plan for remigration on the website of the Dutch government.

Packing service

After collecting the right documents, you can sit back with peace. From here, our movers can take over the work completely. With our packing service you don’t have to worry about packing your entire belongings safely and carefully. Our movers pack your goods practically and carefully to move everything safely to your new place. Then all you have to do is indicate which boxes you prefer to have in which room.

Handyman service

We even go one step further to completely take the burden off you. After packing your belongings, our handyman will make the house completely ready for delivery. We pack the curtains, remove the paintings from the walls and fill in the holes to leave everything tidy. Our handyman does this both in the house you leave behind and in the house you are going to move into. You only have to indicate where you want your lighting or paintings.

Now only the actual move remains

John van Buuren and Zn. Verhuizingen brings all your belongings safely from your old home to the new one. From a country within Europe or far beyond, we will ship your belongings safely. We help you import your household effects, pets and even vehicles. This way you are assured of a smooth move back to the Netherlands.

Request a quote for your carefree move back to the Netherlands

You can ask for and expect the maximum service from the movers of Mondial Van Buuren Verhuizingen. Our moving company assists you from start to finish, especially with an international move. So also with the arrangements, planning and organizations. We have all the necessary diplomas, certificates, knowledge, experience, permits and supplies.

Request a quote and let us know your concerns. Then our experts will sit down with you to discuss the possibilities to make your move back to the Netherlands as easy as possible.

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