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Relocation company Den Haag

Den Haag relocations company van BuurenThe Hague, or in Dutch also called Den Haag or ‘s-Gravenhage, is one of the most popular cities to live and work in the Netherlands. Whether you move to or depart by relocation as an expat for Den Haag, a couple or a family: check our site for the best house moving service in Den Haag you will find!

The city of Den Haag (The Hague) has a lot to offer to you. Traditionally this city and region is boosting with jobs at the Dutch government or at national or international companies. Because of all ministries and embassies located in Den Haag there are thousands of civil servants. In the third largest city of the Netherlands you will find great opportunities to work and there is a great international community from various countries.

The city has a friendly atmosphere and is overall a nice place to live, whether you are an expat or a complete family. In this country or region everyone speaks English and reside at one of the safest places in the world. Within two travelling hours you can visit Germany, Belgium or Great Britain. Schiphol, the fourth largest airport in the world, is close to Den Haag. Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the other large Dutch greatest cities, are also close by. If you want to relax or see some beautiful nature, you can go to the beach of Scheveningen, Westduin Park or Madestein.

Relocating within or to Den Haag for moving households or companies

Are you looking for a reliable international moving company for The Hague? If you succeed in finding a nice housing and accommodation you will need a professional relocation company in Den Haag to help you in several ways for relocating from another country. At first, look at our moving checklist to help with the first steps.

Moving to a new home in a new country is a life-changing experience and you will need a professional moving company in Den Haag so everything is adjusted to your personal needs, whether it is your budget, your schedule or the size of your property. A good moving company or relocation company in Den Haag will offer you a wide variety in options and will suit to all needs you have to have for coming or leaving Den Haag.

A good moving company can do more than just moving your household possessions. This means additional services for specific needs you could have like:

  • Packing your household effects in boxes.
  • Disassembling or reassembling things like curtains, furniture or lamps.
  • Cleaning your old or your new house.
  • Install things like a washing machine, television, et cetera.

Four handy tips for your removal to or from Den Haag

  • We advise you to get involved with a house moving service affiliated to the Dutch network Erkende Verhuizers. One of their benefits is you are fully insured and compensated with damages during the relocation.
  • Choose an international moving company or relocation company with foreign experience, one with all permits necessary to carry out removals to and from all European countries.
  • We advise you to get involved with a company affiliated to Mondial Movers. The certified members of this organization are all international orientated and experienced companies in moving expats, persons or families for a removal to or from Den Haag or the Netherlands.
  • Most companies can offer you a guarded and climate controlled storage to put all your household goods or other stuff into containers or pallet boards. A storage is only accessible by appointment and after showing your ID.
  • Ask moving companies in Den Haag for a non-binding price-offer for a removal or relocation to or from Den Haag, and find out who offers you the best value for money.

When you need extra information, advice or you have questions about relocating or moving to Den Haag, please make contact with the English speaking helpdesk of our international moving company.

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