You wish to organize your removal yourself but lack the manpower? Van Buuren employs professional movers and puts them at your proposal. He helps moving heavy and large-sized furniture and using his knowledge and experience he helps you to carry out the removal safely and quickly.

You can also rent a chauffeur-driven removal van. This services frees you from the stress and restrictions related to hiring a van at a rental company and returning it on time.

Machine verhuizen


In addition to our loading and unloading assistance you can rent a chauffeur-driven removal van for half a day. On request the chauffeur
will be accompanied by a mover who helps carrying heavy and large-sized furniture. The chauffeur makes sure all items are protected by blankets and safely strapped to prevent damage.

Van Buuren


You organized the details of the removal and the packing yourself but haven’t got a van at your disposal? You can rent a chauffeur-driven van to take you to your new home.

We do of course provide the necessary blankets and bungee cords to transport your inventory in all safety.

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