Does your company or health care institution think about moving? Van Buuren is an expert in removal projects. As long as the family business exists, since 1905, we’re a trusted partner for small- and large-scale removal projects. Every removal project is unique and we use our expertise and experience to develop tailor-made solutions to every removal project.


Our first concern is drawing up a transparent and highly detailed scenario. Since every company has its unique organizational structure, every scenario is also tailor-made. It describes every phase of the project in detail and includes a detailed planning of activities.


We make sure your company is able to move to its new location within a short time frame and without much hassle.

Transparent agreements

Our work method is based upon clear and transparent agreements about all the details linked to the removal process. As such we avoid surprises before, during and after the actual removal. Every removal process starts with an elaborate appraisal and stock-taking. Based upon the information from the appraisal and stock-taking and upon the wishes of the customer, we draw up a transparent quotation, leaving nothing to chance. Prior the removal itself we often plan a second meeting to discuss the last details.


We’re experts in the coordination and execution of archive removal and are able to pack and unpack office furniture in the shortest period of time. Our employees are familiar with almost every brand of office furniture and experts in dismantling and assembling desks, closets,….


Some customers ask us to take on the entire removal process, including the preparations. We gladly accept the challenge. Thanks to our expertise and the most modern aids we turn every phase of the removal process and the entire removal project into a success!

Project leaders

During the quotation phase, our appraiser is your first contact. He’s a professionally trained project mover who’s in charge of the removal itself. We assign a project leader to large-scale removal projects to be your contact person before and during the removal. He supervises the entire removal process.

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