Business relocation

One of the most important aspects of a business removal is a detailed and easy-reference scenario, including a detailed planning of activities. Thanks to our expertise and experience we know all the ins and outs of the business removal process.

We discuss and determine the order in which all items need to be moved, the dismantling and assembly of furniture, automation and task distribution. An extensive appraisal and inventory are a integrated part of our work method. Based on all this information we draw up a transparent quotation.

van buuren

Moving your conpany with van Buuren

Van Buuren is able to take on the entire removal process, from preparation to execution. To ensure a smooth proceeding of the removal process we appoint a project manager to run large-scale removal projects. He’s your one and only contact person during the entire removal process. Besides the preparation and coordination of the removal process van Buuren also provides in the removal and storage of archives. Van Buuren is a member of Mondial Movers (

Conditions and insurances

All removal projects are subjected to the General Conditions of Business Removals. Prior to each and every project we advise the client about the appropriate insurances. Our advice is tailor made; valuable or high-risk items can be subsumed under a specific insurance. A WA insurance is applicable to all our activities. The WA insurance covers damage to buildings and third parties to an amount of 1.350.000 euro.

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