Joh. van Buuren en Zn. Verhuizingen


Mondial Movers van BuurenGreat-grandfather Johannes van Buuren signed for his first removal in 1905. Using a cart and a horse he moved his first client’s possessions out of the inner city of Delft. Later on he traded his cart and horse for a truck and today, more than 100 years later, the fourth generation van Buuren runs a well-known international removal company. In 1994 father van Buuren leaves the company in the capable hands of brothers John and Chris van Buuren. Van Buuren evolved from a cart and horse company to one of the most renowned removal companies in the Netherlands.

The fourth generation van Buuren relies on a team of highly motivated collaborators and is located in a modern facility in Delft (Lagosweg). The enormous storage facility is big enough to house 850 9m3 containers.

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